The phrase you build it and they will come is no longer true anymore. To get organic traffic today and be at the top of page one and in front of your target audience, you must have high quality content based on intent at all stages of the user journey from early stage awareness all the way to purchase. If your content does not satisfy a user’s intent and give them useful and relevant information, products, or services in their moment of need across all devices and platforms then your site will be virtual invisible. SEO has changed over the years with advancements in machine learning. It’s no longer about placing keywords on the page it’s about being relevant and providing users with a good content experience and content that they can consume. Of course, technical SEO still has its place and is important for the content to be accessible by the search engines, but most content management systems have come a long way and have incorporated SEO into the platforms, but technical SEO is still important because people and platforms are not perfect. If you want to get to the top of the search engines, these days it’s about
  • Links
  • High Quality Content
  • Good technical infrastructure
  • Mobiile Friendly
SEO Process